Pro-Worx was launched in 2012 by Stratton Thomas, a licensed builder, skilled in craftsmanship and design. Stratton has over 13 years experience and is passionate about creating strikingly unique homes for owners to enjoy. His attention to detail and artistry are the core foundations on which the company is built on.


Early in his career when working with architects, Stratton grew an understanding and appreciation of their ability to create a project that so was visually appealing that anyone passing by could not resist stopping by to admire.


The Pro-Worx Motto: Art, whatever form it takes, requires hard work, craftsmanship and creativity.


Pro-Worx’s dynamic and passionate team of handpicked professionals and seamless service delivery gives the company a unique edge.


Team members enjoy the challenge of working with new materials and overcoming engineering obstacles that other builders would consider an insurmountable challenge.


The Pro-Worx team derive utmost satisfaction from the sincere appreciation of delighted clients who see their vision of a dream home turn into reality. Nothing pleases the team at Pro-Worx more than looking back and saying, “We built that.”


Over the years, Pro-Worx has completed projects spanning across Sydney: from the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Inner City to the Eastern suburbs.


Financially sound and reliable, the company is fully insured, licensed and meets all compliance requirements.